Cherokee County District Court
Juror Schedule


If you have been called for jury duty, on your summons note the date that you are to report.  The initial jury summons is the only mailing you will receive.  All jurors will report to the District Courtroom on the 2nd Floor, Courthouse, Columbus, Kansas.


You may check the status of your trial by clicking on the schedule below.  Every effort is made to ensure that this schedule is current.  This site is offered to the public as a convenience only and should not replace following the written instructions that are a part of your initial jury summons.


Terms used on the schedule are as follows:  Status Pending means that the Clerk’s office has no further information at this time for your scheduled date and considers the case as still going.  Status pending means you should follow the instructions on your initial jury summons and call the night before your scheduled date.  Status Postponed with a New Reporting Date means the Clerk’s office has been informed that the trial for your initial reporting date has been settled and your panel has been moved to a new date.  A panel will only be moved once.  Follow the written instructions on your initial jury summons for your new date just as you have for your original reporting date.  Status Cancelled, Service is Finished means that the Clerk’s office has been notified that your scheduled trial has been settled and your jury service at this time is completed and you are not required to report.


If you are looking for a date in the past that is not on the list, you will need to contact the District Court Clerk’s office at 620-429-3880.


Click Schedule to find the status of the current panels reporting for the Cherokee County District Court.


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